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Review of the book Orbital Mechanics, Third Edition

This is a great book for Aerospace professionals. It has a very complete content and exercises.

The most important topics in an Aerospace Engineering

In Aerospace Engineering involves made of different disciplines. Some of the them set the basics, others are always used. Yet, like in any other profession, some topics are only used in some specializations.

4 Reasons We Should Go to Mars

Mars offers unique opportunities for exploration and investigation. Also, it could become humanity first step to thrive in space.

Does a Rocket Fly Faster on Earth or in Outer Space?

Rockets can reach higher speed in outer space for the same acceleration. This is because of the lack of atmosphere and lower gravitational force.

Why is Going to Space so Expensive?

Salaries and short live components make going to space very expensive.

Starlink will Become The Largest Satellite Constellation

Starlink is going to way to access Internet from space. The project is very ambitious. It involves sending 12,000 satellites into orbit. To succeed, SpaceX will have to overcome new operational challenges.

How difficult is rocket science?

Rocket science is quite challenging. Learning a rocket science requires skills and talent. Finding a good job as a rocket scientist can also complicated.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of focusing on ISS, Moon, or Mars?

There are different opinions about how NASA should focus its efforts. All possibilities have advantages and disadvantages. Yet, it looks like the farther we go the more we can learn.

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